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> Is there a Housevitamin cataloque available?

We work with a digital product overview. This document contains photos, item numbers, prices, etc.
You can request this by sending an e-mail to:      


> Can I view the Housevitamin products in real life?

Yes for sure, you can always contact Leonie or Sanne to visit you or to make an appointment in our showrooms. The collection can be seen throughout the year in our showroom at the Housevitamin Office.

Please contact Leonie: / 06 12 24 38 08
Please contact Sanne: / 06 82 05 45 31


> Where can I place my order?

You can place your order on our website, click here to sign in or click here to log in. Or you can send our article numbers and the amounts you want by e-mail to

> I would like to have an order delivered to one of the Wadden Islands, is that possible?

Unfortunately, we do not deliver to the islands. Provide us with an delivery address on the mainland, then it is still possible to sell Housevitamin in your store or webshop! Do you have a question about this or do you want to check something, please call or email us.

> Why buy directly at Housevitamin?

Direct buying at Housevitamin has lots of advantages, such as:

•  You are the very first to buy from our new collection.
•  A sneak preview of our upcoming collection, so you can prepare yourself.
•  The best price, in our other selling points the prices are 10% higher
•  Complete collection
•  Up to date product list per e-mail
•  Quick and short communication lines
•  Product and impression pictures up to date available at google drive
•  Two queens on the road
•  We are there for you and always at your service.

Please note: we only sell per box, so please consider the minimum quantity of each item carefully when you look at the products. Our minimum order amount is €500,-, for which we will send a pro- forma invoice. Read all about our general agreements.

> What is your delivery time?

All our items in our webshop are on stock. Our aim is to deliver your ordered goods within 4 working days in the Netherlands. For all the countries abroad: we aim to ship out the items within 3 working days. Delivery depends on the workload and the carrier and can therefore be after 3 working days.

If you have a specific delivery date, please inform us by sending an e-mail, click here.

> What is the minimum order amount?

Our minimum order amount for the Netherlands is €350,-. Our Franco delivery (free delivery) is from €500,-. Our minimum order for countries abroad is €500,- franco delivery depends on the country:

Belgium €750,-*

Germany €1000,-*

France €1500,-*

For all other countries, please contact us so we can give you all the information you need.

> Why do you work with minimal purchase amounts?

Very good question! In our warehouse we have more than 300 products. These products are packed by box. Some products are packed by 1 piece, others by 2,6,12 or even 24 pieces. We only have 1 Chief Warehouse, so it’s impossible for him to deliver all your orders in time when he has to break open boxes. This is the reason why we only sell per box. With this way of working we can keep our prices low and our speed high. For the retailers who would like less quantoty, we have a Cash & Carry location in Tica Aalsmeer and Trends & Trade Venlo


> Why buy directly at a Cash & Carry?

Our Housevitamin collection is also available in our Cash & Carry stores in the following locations: TICA Aalsmeer, Trends & Trade and Van Remoortel Belgium .

When shopping at a Cash & Carry you have many advantages:

•  You can buy our products directly from stock and take them home with you
There is no minimum purchase or purchase amount., so you can take 1 piece or more.
You can combine our collection with other labels
Inspiration all over

Please note: Only a part of our collection is available in the Cash & Carry’s, not every item will be sold there. Also note that our price is 10 % higher and we are not your contact person for these sales. Keep in mind that there is no direct contact with the label when buying at the Cash & Carry’s, since they are your sales persons for this occasion.

> Which payment methods can I choose from?

On our webshop you can choose for the following two payment methods:

iDeal: you can pay by using the services of IDeal. This is possible for the following banks: ABN AMro, SNS Bank, ING, Rabobank, ASN Bank, Regio Bank, Triodos Bank, Van Lanschot Bankiers, Knab, Bunq, Moneyou and Handelsbanken.

Check / Money order: You can choose for this option if:

•  You want to receive an proforma invoice

•  If you’ re bank is not available for an iDeal payment

•  If the shipping costs or prices are incorrect

You can choose for this option, proceed and sent your order to our system.

Note: If there is a special invoice e-mail address, please let us know by sending an e-mail, click here to send.


> Do you have an image bank?

Yes, we have an image bank. Please send an email so we can send you the link. You are allowed to use all the stores images. And don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @housevitaminnl, we always repost!  

> When items are out of stock, are they coming back in the collection later?

We have a high turnover rate and are always on trend. That is why, in most cases, our items no longer appear in the collection. It’s 'Buy now, or cry later'. 
True favorites or HV design items, that really belong to Housevitamin, such as: the Gun lamp, Octopus and the Strike a Pose Lamp, stay in our collection!


> I received.. the wrong item / not all they items I’ve ordered / a damaged item, what should I do?

You can report this to us within 5 working days, click here for the terms and conditions. Send a photo of the fraction to and indicate which item is involved and the amount. In most cases we will assess the breach and you will receive a credit note. This can be settled with the next order or refunded. Let us know what you like!


> Trade Fair
At the tradefairs we proudly show our new collection in our wooden Housevitamin Houses. You are always more than welcome to pay us a visit.

We participate the following exhibitions:

•  TrendZ
Maison & Objet

> Who owns Housevitamin?

Housevitamin is created and owned by Thomas and Mischa. It’s not just a label, it’s a family. A cheerful and hardworking family, who is trying to create hip and sparkling interior stuff that will make you smile.

Do you want to read more? Please click here and visit our About us page.


> Who came up with the name Housevitamin?

Thomas came up with and registered the name Housevitamin, because a house also needs vitamins.


> Who designs and makes the products?

The collection started from the passion of Thomas and Mischa to make hip home deco more affordable and reachable to as many people as possible. They were of the opinion that home deco could be much more fun and they wanted to spice it up.

“We love to be provocative and love to show that in our collection. With our collection we want to show interior lovers that it’s possible to create a hip and sparkling interior: mixing and matching are key words.”

Mischa is always full with ideas. Every day new things pop up from her creative brain. From this principle Mischa works very hard to create and design new products in collaboration with our suppliers. Her ideas come from all kind of sources, such as: art, things she misses in her daily life and from family and friends. After her ideas come to life, our suppliers make and produce them and into real items and decoration.


> Do you sell to consumers?

Housevitamin is a wholesaler. We only sell Business to Business, we do not directly sell to consumers. If you want to buy Housevitamin items you can find the selling points over here.


> What are the shipping costs?

Our shipping costs for orders below our franco amount are:

Netherlands €35,-*

Belgium €55,-*

Germany €55,-*

France €100,-

For all other countries, please send us your shipping address so we can give you the shipping costs.  


> What are the rules for consumer prices?

We always suggest a retail price with a margin of 2.3. However, this is an advice and our customers are free to deviate from this.


> Do you work with exclusivity?

We don’t work with exclusivity. Our mission is: “To make hip home deco more affordable and reachable to as many people as possible”
Because of this we made the decision to make sure that our products are as accessible as possible. For this reason we do not engage in exclusivity.
Despite we will always do our best not to sell the same items in the same region and look at each order carefully. 


> What is a Housevitamin Brandshop?

A Housevitamin Brandshop is a ‘Wooden House’ filled with Housevitamin items. It is a cooperation with our retail clients. We build the house and help with the styling at first. After building it, the retail client manages the brandshop and orders new items when needed.

In a brandshop our items can be better mixed and matched which benefits sales. Besides in our Brandshops customers feel:

•  at home
the need to buy everything

> We deliver Christmas Packages, can we also buy from you?

Yes you can always purchase Housevitamin items. However our items have a high turnover rate. On average, items remain in stock for +/- 3 months. If you want to make sure the items are still on stock in November we suggest to get in touch with us around August. Unfortunately, we can never guarantee stocks and availability. If you already know what you need in large quantity you can contact us early, so we can arrange import for you. 


*All prices are Excl. VAT and other Taxes