Hello You !

We are Thomas and Mischa: the proud founders and owners of Housevitamin.

We are a couple with a dream:

Making it more easy and affordable for everybody to create a hip and sparkling interior

Therefore we create many house vitamins you must have, such as:

ou all deserve a happy home ♥

Get inspired

Please take a look at our products and scroll through our pictures. 
We make all these pictures at our friends’ houses to show a real living scene. 

Keeping it real.

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Our ‘Housevitamin Family’:

Our dream can only become true, thanks to the best people who surround us. 

First of all: Elke, our first Office Lady and backbone. She rocks.

We are also lucky to
 have internships through the whole year.

They all leave a sparkle to our team.

Together with fabulous business partners we have build fantastic Housevitamin Brandshops:

Housevitamin Houses where we can welcome and sell to consumers.

Last but not least we have the best friends and family who are always thinking with us and are critical sounding boards when new ideas and products pop up.

Welcome to the Housevitamin Family!