Shit just got real

Have you already been on our new website?


What is a Dutch interior label without a good website? Nothing these days! So we made a brand new website for HOUSEVITAMIN on

Did you already take a look?


Are you wondering what you can find on our website?

Well, don’t ask me that twice…


When you go to you come at our homepage and see the lovely category photos made by our stagiair Bente Veld. When you click on these you will go to a product view where you can find all the products you want. Our cozy cushion, side tables of cards like ‘shit just got real’. What is your favorite product?


Besides you can find lovely catalogues on the ‘inspiration’ page. Just open one (for example the cool catalogue made by Charita) and swipe so you can read the whole book.


For all the retailers: We got a new webshop!! You can find all our products in the newest Housevitamin webshop. You can download photos in the database and you can add the products to your wishlist.


And the most important of all: you can find the story behind Housevitamin on het company page where you meet Thomas & Mischa, the proud owners of Housevitamin.


Now, stop reading this blog, and take a look at the rest of our website!


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to write us an email or send a message in the chat.


Lots of Love,